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Personal Branding

My Leads Club had a speaker this morning on branding. Lots and lots of useful information. But one thing he mentioned that struck home is that, as a small business owner or sole proprietor, our personal image is part of our brand. That’s exactly what I have been saying for a couple years.

When you meet someone for the first time, you have 7 to 30 seconds before that person forms an opinion of you. This first impression is based more on how you look than on the actual words you say. It is essential that your image or personal brand says what you want to say about yourself. You need to think about what message you want to send and dress accordingly. However, you must keep in mind and work with what Mother Nature gave you.

How can a personal color analysis help you? Your color analysis will give you the colors that you look best in. But, in addtion, your How to Use Your Colors guide will tell you what message you are sending with these colors. Your dark neutral sends the message that you are powerful and professional, your eye-related neutral that you are believable, your skin tones that you are friendly. You want to look rested, wear your related white, exciting wear one of your dramatics.

Steve Jobs’ personal brand is jeans, black turtleneck, and athletic shoes. James Bond has his perfectly fitted tuxedo. What will be your personal brand?

Becky’s Beaded Fingerless Gloves

Becky’s gloves are a quick knit and great for gift giving. I’m teaching a class on how to make them at Full Thread Ahead, 169 Main St., Los Altos. I’ll help you with color choices. You need two different yarns and beads. I’ll also help you make sure your color choices work well for you or for your gift recipient. Sign up online at for either the Wednesday, Dec. 3, evening class or the Saturday, Dec. 6, afternoon class. Now let’s see if I’ve learned how to enter photos into my blogs.

Looks OK. Let’s see what happens when I post it. Oops. Didn’t show up. I can see it, but you can’t. I’ll have to check with Court as to what I did wrong. In the meantime, click on the file attachment to see the photo.

A Favorite Past Time

One of the things I like to do is knit. I can make items in the exact size, color and fiber that I want. I work partime at Full Thread Ahead in downtown Los Altos. Not only does it help pay for my addiction (beautiful yarns), but I also get to help others with their projects. I help you pick out your yarns, make sure the color goes well on you (if the project is for you), and if there is more than one color, make sure the colors go together well. I also teach classes there. I give private lessons, as well as group classes. Coming up, I’ll have a class on knitting beaded fingerless gloves (handwarmers). A great holiday gift. I’m making 6 pairs for gifts. Hopefully, I’ll be able to make a 7th pair for me. Or by then I may be so tired of knitting the same thing over and over. But maybe not. I’ll get to try a new combination of yarn colors.

So stop by the store sometime and say “hi.” I’m there most Thursdays and Fridays.

International Year of Natural Fibres

The United Nations has declared 2009 as the International Year of Natural Fibres. What is a natural fiber? One that is derived from renewable sources, such as, animals and plants, and can be made into a yarn. Some examples are wool, alpaca, silk, cotton, and hemp. Some of the more unusual sources are soy, sea weed, bamboo, and corn.

In upcoming post, I’ll be letting you know more about these different fibers.